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17 years ago

Issue with NULL value return

When one of the webservice response value is NULL,  it is displayed like:
"" the tabular view ( and outline view)  displays two nodes for this like
Variable                                                  Value
LeaveOfAbsenceEndDate                        empty
    -@i:nil                                                  true

Is there any way to display this as :

Variable                                                  Value
LeaveOfAbsenceEndDate                        empty (or NULL) 
( no additional column for :nil = true)

in the tabular view?

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    actually, i was thinking of an option in the outline-view to hide all attributes in the xsi/xsd namespaces (which I am guessing your nil attribute is).. this would also remove all abundant xsi:type attributes.. what do you think?

    A new snapshot is coming up which includes a "Overview" view for response messages; basically a read-only version of the form editor, which hides all xsd/xsi attributes as sugggested above.. I've attached a screenshot so you can see.. It is mainly to get a quick overview of the response (especially for non-technical users)..