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2 years ago

How to secure mock services on soapui installed on linux machine ?


We have soapui installed on linux machine. Currently we use http url which is working. We need to secure to make it https url. with this link    I can able to do on UI, local machine. However how can I secure on soapui installed on linux server without gui ? As of now I was able to generate soapui.cer and mock.keystore on linux machine , but not sure on how to proceed next . Any help would be appreciated please.

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  • As you said you are able to do it on local machine. Open the soapui-settings.xml and you can see the details for the below elements.


    I think you can use the soapui-settings.xml and update the details for the below elements


    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@keyStore"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@keyStorePassword"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@enableMockSSL">false</con:setting>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockPort"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockKeyStore"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockPassword"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockKeyStorePassword"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockTrustStore"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@mockTrustStorePassword"/>
    <con:setting id="SSLSettings@needClientAuthentication">false</con:setting>

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      Thanks a lot for your reply. I did these changes, but its not working. In linux, settings.xml is written directly to memory, so i copied the file from local and used on linux machine with -s option. Still its not working with https. If i give enablesslmock as Y, then i get error saying service already in use.