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9 years ago

how to run the python script in soapui

Can i run the python script in soapui. Please advice

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    Its an interesting question, that I'd wondered about myself.


    I think the quick answer is that SoapUI can't run Python interally e.g. as an integrated part of the tool, instead it has excellent support for Groovy scripting via the Groovy TestStep and possibly less polished support for JavaScript too accordng to the docs, although I have never actually tried using any JavaScript in SoapUI.


    At one point I thought about trying to use Jython ( by adding it as an external library and running it via Groovy TestSteps, but this is probably easier said than done.


    Another easier option might be to use Groovy to run external Python scripts, but this may not be what you want.


    Hope this helps,


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    What are you trying to achieve? why do you want to run python using soapUI? i.e., is there any kind of constraint or just you wanted to try?