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8 years ago

Does SOAPUI free version support python scripting

Trying to see what script languages SoapUI free version supports.

 Looks like SOAPUI  leans towards Groovy scripting  but it also supports other scripting languages like JRuby, Jython, Javascript etc. I am not sure if tool supports any Python scripting ?


Can anyone clarify ?



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      Our Application will undergo a big refactoring process and we are leaning towards using Python language as apart of this effort 

      Dev team will be building API  and QA is planning to test these API's  using SOAP-UI Free version(seems to require some level of scripting effort for scenario like data driven scenario testing etc ) 


      so wondering if tool can handle python scripts libraries where scripting logic can be written and called from .


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        Why don't you just call API from soapUI directly instead calling them from python?
        If you have python scripts already, what is the driving factor to use SoapUI?
        Or might not understand the question, at all.