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5 years ago

[Week 3] API Masterminds Winners

Hello API Community!


It is time to announce the winners of week 3 of the API Masterminds event.


Give a big round of applause to the Masterminds who posted a lot last week and received many Kudos:


1st place - nmrao. 32 posts and 12 Kudos received.
2nd place - HimanshuTayal. 25 posts and 13 Kudos received.
3rd placeapu and arunbharath. apu has 4 posts and 1 Kudos, arunbharath has 5 posts.

Great results! Congratulations. Your contribution is highly appreciated, as always! We will send you prizes from SmartBear shortly:smileyhappy:


The rules remain the same: next week we will be counting the topics you start, replies you post and Kudos you receive to decide the winners.


Week 4 is going to be the last week of the event. The final results will be up next Monday (March 30). This is your last chance to shine and become a real API Mastermind!


Good luck!