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5 years ago

[Week 2] API Masterminds Winners

Howdy ReadyAPI Community, 


I hope you enjoy the API Masterminds so far. I like seeing that you share your knowledge around ReadyAPI as well as your suggestions that may help everyone work pro-actively! 


As we promised, we decide weekly winners based on the number of posts created in the ReadyAPI Community (including technical forums and the feature request forum). Right now, I'm happy to announce the Week 2 winners. Please join me in congratulating these guys:

1st place with 55 posts(!!!) created - nmrao. Rao, as usual, it's so awesome!

2nd place with 42 posts created (very close to the 1st place) - HimanshuTayalHimanshu, how about competing with Rao during week 3? ;)

3rd place with 13 posts created - hazel_chua. Please meet the first-time winner :) Welcome to the team of winners! 


From SmartBear, we will be happy to send each winner $50, $35, and $15 gift cards (according to the places). You rock!  


Week 3 Task: Give more valuable posts to the ReadyAPI Community - the posts for which you will get the biggest number of Kudos. We will count the number of posts and received Kudos when deciding the winners next week. During the week, we will start several conversations where you can participate to get more points. Stay tuned! 


Let's rock, Masterminds