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6 years ago

virtServer deactivation off headless machine 1 and activation on headless machine 2



The virtualServer was installed on a headless machine with a fixed license. I would like to install the virtualserver to another headless machine and use the same fixed license key.


As per my understanding, the process is - Deactivate the license on an existing machine and then activate the license on another machine. Though when I try to deactivate the virtServer license on a headless machine in  directory <VirtServer>\bin, I use the command ./ --deactivatelicense. I get the following error:


ERROR [2018-08-06 10:18:37,162] com.smartbear.ready.license.util.CommandLineUtils: No valid license to deactivate/check in, shutting down.


I do not have an active internet connection on this headless machine, as per documentation online, it requires an active connection. Is there any other way of deactivating virtualServer license without internet connection? 


Note: The initial activation was an "off-line activation".


Please share your thoughs on this. 


Much obliged.