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6 years ago

Unable to shut down ReadyAPI 2.6.0


I have a problem with exiting ReadyAPI 2.6.0. Problem occures last few days (have no idea why). If i try to shut down application, message "Exit ReadyAPI? Yes/No" pop up. After selection Yes, application still running and is able to run really long time (whole night). In application is not open anny project. I am able to shut down application only by task manager.

Some ideas what should be wrong? 

Edit: "Exit without saving" is working well. But if i want to exit application correctly, it is not working.


Thank you for your help! 

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    Hi LeMi,


    That's strange. Does the load to CPU grow? You can test it in Task Manager. 

    Perhaps, many other processes are being run at the same time.


    It's worth terminating all other process or rebooting the PC.