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7 years ago

The JDBC driver [oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver] is already registered.

Using SoapUI Pro in ReadyAPI 1.9.0 I am all of a sudden having trouble connecting to our Oracle Database. Testcases which have Database Steps in them which worked in the past can no longer connect. W...
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    7 years ago

    Found the issue.

    We have to reset our DB passwords every 60 days and I last had to update it at the same time as they made the server change to require a VPN connection to access the database. Oracle in their infinite wisdom allows you to create passwords that includes the at sign. SQLDeveloper apparently uses a connection string format which allows for this however the oracle jdbc driver connection strings do not because they use the at sign to denote the beginning of the server address (name or IP), then rather than giving a useful error code indicating that the connect string was incorrect they just throw an "unable to connect" error.