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2 years ago

SmartBear on-Premise License Server LDAP authentication problems


I have just installed and configured the On-Premise License Server for ReadyAPI, licenses imported etc and available for clients to request.

No licenses are being processed when requests come in nor can I assign users to a license.


- LDAP is configured but is not showing any users in the license server app - I can't select any from a list or type a user name to search. LDAP is configured correctly as the username to retrieve the information is authenticating against the directory;

- If I choose the option "Access for Everyone" where LDAP/Kerberos are not used, it still doesn't work - If I go to ReadyAPI on a users w/s and request a license from the server (either using IP / DNS - inc. FQDN / and including the port 40892) nothing happens - its looks like its communicating but nothing happens, no error and the app is still unlicensed. There is also no logfile I can find with any helpful information.


The SB documentation on this is shockingly bad or non-existent - I have logged a support ticket but no response at all even after escalating. I don't know if the fact that we are trialling this (we have evaluation licenses) is an issue?


If anyone has had similar issues I'd be grateful for any pointers!



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