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7 years ago

SmartBear development insight



It would be nice if we could receive some insights on the ReadyApi development process, future plans etc. I am curious about how many people are involved in this, how is the development organised, what can we expect from the next ReadyApi versions, what new features are prepared, what is the focus and so on.

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    Hi again,


    Thanks for your interest. We provide a Customer Advisory Board that works very close with our product management and discusses the roadmap and other topics you are asking. Is it possible that you contact your account manager and ask about joining this board? 


    I think you are a good candidate. You post a lot of valuable content to the ReadyAPI Community, especially, considering the fact, that you've recently earned the Community Leader status. So, keep being active, and you will be able to have a chance to work with the ReadyAPI product management.

    Does it sound like something interesting for you?



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      Thanks for the answer. Yes, that sounds awesome. 


      I can bring this up to my test manager but what should be his role in this? Should he e-mail somebody or how should we proceed? Anyways... I'll be happy to join this board so just mail me if/when needed.



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        I'd definitely be interested in something like this as well!