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4 years ago

Run two copies of ReadyAPI (SoapUI Pro) simultaneously



I am trying to run two copies of ReadyAPI (SoapUI Pro) simultaneously


I am trying to run them side-by-side so that I can compare tests, requests and responses without having to perform a lengthy process of switching Workspaces and rerunning the tests again and again.


Back in 2018 the advice was that it is not recommended, because the dashboard might get corrupted. (See: 'Running 2 ReadyAPI simultaneously')


Indeed this can cause corruption of the Workspace if I try this. (ReadyAPI v2.8.2)


For newer versions, has this advice changed? Have there been advances in ReadyAPI / SoapUI Pro that means we can now run two instances, on the same machine, using the same user account, using the same license, side-by-side ?


Thank you.

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  • Hi,


    I'm running Ready API 2.7.0 (licensed) and I do run two sessions quite often for the very same purposes you describe.


    I've also had the 'opened in another session' type warning, so I do this...


    This is based on two separate workspaces, say 123 and ABC


    Start with no sessions running.


    • Start Ready API and let it load up whatever is the last used workspace, say ABC.
    • Once Session 1 is running, make no changes at all.
    • Start Session 2, this too will load workspace ABC.  Once loaded, you have two sessions with ABC.
    • In Session 2, select Switch Workspace and select workspace 123.  Session 2 asks whether to save changes.  Say No, otherwise Session 1 will have conflicts.  Workspace 123 should then be loaded.

    Once you have two sessions with different workspaces, you should be good test in parallel and save changes to both workspaces.

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      Thank you ChrisA


      Yes, I have tried this route and often this will damage one of the Workspaces.


      For me I think the corruption can be caused if I return to session 1 and rerun tests or change tests, it seems to confuse session 2 and vice-versa.  This is why whenever I tried this I try to ensure I do not make any changes to session 1 and do not save changes to session 1.  Somehow it still seems to cause corruption of the Workspace.  Which usually requires a restore from the repository.


      Sometimes I get away with doing this, though as it has caused corruption a few times I simply do not do this anymore.


      Of course only running one session greatly reduces productivity as tests have to be run and rerun and notes taken to transfer from one to the other.  Very time consuming.


      I have to say that I find the limitation of only being able to run one instance of ReadyAPI it's biggest and most counter productive flaw.


      I had hoped this severe limitation had been resolved with newer versions of the product.


      here's hoping...  



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        Sorry to hear you managed to corrupt workspaces on occasion.

        Following the steps above, I've been able to happily run two sessions (with different workspaces) across several version of SoapUI.  Never had an issue.