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7 years ago

Refactoring Function Doesn't Do ANYTHING! ReadyAPI! v2.3.0



I was curious about the refactoring function (due to someone else's post) and I tried it following the instructions - but nothing happened after selecting the function.



Tried the following:


Select the 'Rest Service' (immediately below the project in the 'Projects' screen), and hitting the 'Refactoring' button in the menu.


Select the 'Rest Service', select 'API' >> 'Refactor Definition' via the menu.


I'm running ReadyAPI! v2.3.0 - has anyone else had this problem?


I should highlight that nothing is reported within teh ReadyAPI! log when I attempt to launch the 'Refactoring' functionality.


I've also had intermittent access to the 'Preferences' functionality too - occasionally I select to launch the 'Preferences' and nothing happens. change. change.  Some time passes by and it works again!





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