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4 years ago

ReadyApi integration with Swagger

Hi  I create Yaml file with Swagger as my Rest Api documentation and it works fine without any error and failure. But when i want to load / import it into Readyapi i receive below error:  attribut...
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    4 years ago

    Hey Behdad 


    I suspect you're getting this warning because somewhere else in your swagger/OpenAPI definition file there's a reference to your json object that "thinks" it is actually an array.


    I haven't had this particular error response in ReadyAPI!, however I've had similar in SwaggerEditor and I had to find the reference before I could fix the issue


    My suggestion is a bit of a chore depending on how large youre swagger/OpenAPI file is, but it's pretty much the only way to fix it as far as I'm aware.


    Oh - I'd ensure you're swagger/OpenAPI version you've created in Swagger is supported by ReadyAPI!  I'm on my work laptop, not on my personal laptop (where my ReadyAPI! license is), so I'm going off memory here - but I remember the version of swagger and openAPI I could launch in my version (3.4.0) is swagger versions 1 and 2 and OpenAPI v3.01, I think.  I'd double check that, just to be sure.


    Perhaps one of the other forum members has a better idea - but that's all I got I'm afraid!