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5 years ago

ReadyAPI gets stuck when we try to run suite in parallel, suite has around 200 test cases

Hi Team, Below is the scenario I have created suite, and i have enable parallel setting at suite level. This suite has around 200 test cases. When i try to run suite, ready API gets stuck and will get Thread pool exception. And also What is the maximum number test cases we can have in Suite....?? Please help on this.....

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    200 test cases is a lot, and the "max" number of test cases you are looking for may be determined by the specifications of your machine rather than by SoapUI itself. There's only one place within ReadyAPI that has settings close to this and that is for number of threads allowed. If you aren't using LoadUI though I am not sure if those settings will help.


    If I may ask, what is the intent of running 200 test cases at the same time? Even if we assume one test step per test case, that's still a lot to run all at once.