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3 years ago

Ready API - Git - Jenkin Integration

Hi - 

I am trying to setup Ready API project from Git on Jenkin. Below steps I am following:


1. Create New Item on Jenkin (Providing general field values)

2. Under 'Source Code Management' > choosing Git option and providing Git Repo URL of my ReadyAPI project and providing credentials

3. Providing master branch under 'Branches to Build', Under 'Build Environment' >selected 2 options

4.Under 'Build' > providing  Command like below-

 "C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-3.9.1\bin\testrunner.bat" -sProjSuiteName -r -a -j -J -I -S -EST 


I am not sure if I need to provide a path with ;.xml' name where the project will clone from git  and then it will execute. Not sure if readyapi plugin is must on Jenkin. Could you please provide some direction on this. I am beginner on this and just stuck on the issue.