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7 years ago

Ready API/Soap UI integration with jenkins complete steps

Hello Everyone,


I need to run a continuous integration test through Jenkins of a  RESTful Project which was created in (Ready API)....Can some help me how to configure Jenkins and what all setting , paths needs to be set in Jenkins to achieve this.


Appreciate your help!

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    Thank you for posting to our Community Forum. 


    Here is the documentation that outlines how to get ReadyAPI tests running in Jenkins:


    You may also want to explore what can be done with our testrunner tool so here is information about the arguments you can add:



    As a final note, if you have a fixed license, I've seen a common issue with Jenkins getting the activated license. You need to set the Jenkins service to sign in to that user account explicitly. 



    Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

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      I have gone through below shared links but couldn't find any support  document for Integration of Soap UI NG with Jenkins.

      Shared links only talks about RestAPI ServiceVir plugin ...

      My Question is - I have a Regression Automation SoapUI NG Project which I need to run through Jenkins without ServiceVir....

      I'm a  SoapUI NG Licence user... Please Suggest me if the integration of SoapUI NG with Jenkins is possible..

      If Yes.. Then please share a document or Steps how we can achieve this Task.


      I Have gone through multiple similar forums..Every User is facing same problem(SoapUI NG with Jenkins -  Integration) and There is no help provided in the Smart bear forum.....

      I would request -Please clarify this doubt  whether  Integration of SoapUI NG with Jenkins(Without ServiceVir plugin) is POSSIBLE or NOT ???