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5 years ago

Project.xml is not updated with the latest changes when test case is changed and saved using Ctrl+s

Scenario 1: (Working as expected)   1. Create a project in Ready API Pro 2. Save the project in local folder (it gets saved as a project.xml file) 3. Add test cases in the project and then save u...
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    5 years ago

    Hi rbgupta13,


    I see a situation like this. Once you added your ReadyAPI project to Azure and run it, the ReadyAPI project was converted to the composite one. Using a composite project is a requirement when you add a project to Git, Azure and other systems like this.


    So, after this, ReadyAPI stopped working with the Project.xml file. Now, it works with a folder where it keeps all the information about the project. In Azure, you will need to change the command line to start running the project folder instead of project.xml. Please refer to the following topic to find examples: