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8 years ago

Online and Offline activation is failing...

This week, I was given a SoapUI license key file by the company I work for.  


1) When Ready! API starts, I click on the "Install license..." button for the SoapUI NG product.

2) I then select the license file name I received: soapUI-license-SO000XXXXX-1-8.key

> "XXXXX" is not the real value

3) On the next screen, I select "Online" activation.

4) On the next screen, I enter a few fields for myself (contact info).

5) When I click "Finish", I get the below error


... "Failed to activate SoapUI NG license. It looks like you don't have an active Internet connection or the network security blocks the connection to the SmartBear license server ( by port 443. Try offline activation or reach out to your network administrator to resolve the connection issues." .../



When I tried to activate it via Offline mode, it says to send the below information to SmartBear


License Number: [2016-07-31 00:00:00] XXXX
Activation Key: XXXX
User Name: XXXX
Timestamp: 1490230931385


Where the "XXXX" values are of course me deciding not to provide that information here.  When that information is sent by email to, I get an error message saying the below


... "You have over activated this license. Please keep in mind that each license as per our EULA, should only be installed on one machine by one user.

If you have not over-activated this license and are having issues trying to activate it please contact support here:" ...




QUESTION: What can I do next to resolve this issue?




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    8 years ago

    SmartBear support helped me identify the issue: this issue was due to the fact that my IT department gave me a license key file that was already in-use by another employee.   They just gave me a new license key file and so this issue is resolved.  I'm now working with that team to see what went wrong in our internal process.  Thanks for the help.

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