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4 years ago

JIRA Integration - The username query parameter was not provided


ReadyApi: 3.8.0

Jira Integration Plugin: 1.6.0


Hallo together,

if i want do generate a Defect with Jira Integration Plugin i get the following Error Massage



The connection to Jira Server has been checked and iscorrect.

And the Username i write down in Textfiled "Reporter" is correct too.


What is wrong here?

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    I had the same problem and raised Issue #00462226


    The "solution":

    The current version of the JIRA Integration plugin - ver. 1.6.1 - supports Jira version 5.x and 6.x:
    It's not compatible with Jira 8.5.3, sorry.

    I have registered the corresponding enhancement request in our DB, and we will try to implement the functionality in one of the next product updates.

    (Internal Ticket RIA-15365)


    Kind Regards, Michael

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    Was it working with previous version of the tool?