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4 months ago

JDBC test steps do not work anymore after upgrading to v3.51.0

The issue occured after migrating to the newest version v3.51.0, when I chose to migrate my data with the upgrade.
When opening the new version and running my tests, the ones that contained JDBC steps failed.
Clicking the step, it would not open the JDBC screen which contains my query.

What may seem to solve the issue ONLY until the ReadyApi is closed and reopened: creating new JDBC.
After reopening the tool, the issue returns.

jdbc jar used: mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre15 (tried also with mssql-jdbc-12.6.1.jre11.jar)

Does anone know why this happens and how can I solve this?

Thank you!


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    It looks like this hasn't been fixed yet in version 3.53

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    May be it would be good to report that with smartbear customer service for better and quick solution.

    By the way, is version upgraded just because the suggestion? Or any compelling reason?


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      You're right, I reported to them too.

      Though I do not understand your question, maybe you could reformulate? 

      Thank you!