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8 years ago

Free Training - SmartBear Academy - Ready! API 101, Tuesday August 16th 10am EST - 11:30am EST

Join us for our free monthly SmartBear Academy session focused on the Ready! API suite of tools. This training will be hosted by Manager of Sales Engineering, Mike Giller. We recommend customers attend this 101 session prior to any of the quarterly product specific 201 & 202 sessions for ServiceV, SoapUI NG Pro, and LoadUI NG Pro.

What you will learn:

a. How to approach API testing (Swagger, WSDL, HTTP traffic, other).

b. Exploring API quality:
- Does your API work?
- Does your API scale?
- Is your API secure?

c. API and DevOps covering automation around APIs.


Sign up here to save your seat!

Free to all Customers!

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