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3 years ago

Endpoint error after version upgrade - ERROR: An incorrect endpoint is specified for the request

experiencing this error after upgrading from 3.7 to 3.10. Project hasn't changed and still runs in 3.7. The correct endpoint is populated in the request properties and the test step path. Has anyone...
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    3 years ago
    Hey daithileonard,

    I think (going on memory here) that version 3.9.x introduced an invalid endpoint check and i think you might be getting this.

    Someone reported the same issue a couple of months ago and then the issue disappeared.

    Tbh, i think its a bit silly functionality as its kinda obvious by the no response if you ever hit a nonexistent endpoint, but anyway, the issue disappeared for the other person.

    I think the initial advice in the other persons post to get around the issue was to revert the ReadyAPI version to an earlier one.

    Unsure if you can disable the check on my phone right now so cant check, but have a look in the Preferences to see if you can spot an option to disable it?

    Also, id raise a customer support ticket too. You cant rely on it fixing itself, like it did for the other readyapi user and this functionality sounds flakey.

    If you recreate your api and tests, that might sort it out, but this is only possible if you havent got a huge project.

    Someone else might have better news, but thats all the options i can think of