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6 years ago

Empty Rest Requests and Responses in Transaction Log

Hello Everybody,      After performing a data driven test (Steps inside Loop: Rest-Request, Groovy-Script, Datasink) the transaction log shows only empty fields in all views. The test itsel...
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    6 years ago

    EDIT: I solved the Issue. As stated below the problem was related to an JSON Assertion, so i took a closer look at my 2 Assertions (which actually worked), that lead to an empty  transaction Log:

    - The first JsonPath assertion had an useless right bracket "}", probably a Copy&Paste Artifact.Hoewever, the assertion itself worked as expected. 

    - The second JsonPath assertion should ensure, that a certain Path should be empty. Solution: Using JsonPath-Existance Assertion. 

    For me its a bug, since the Assertions are evaluated correctly/robust, even if some Json-Path expressions were incorrect. The relation of this robust behaviour to transaction log is not clear to me.


    I realized, that REST-Request Steps within a loop remain only empty if there are enabled assertions. This would explain, why a cloned Test-Case (without any set Assertions, since the rest-step differs in the response structure) However disabling seems not to be a very satisfactory solution.