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2 years ago

EMail Reports



After I have ran a test suite, how do i email the Reports?



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    You may be able to add your own send mail test step, like [here], but I don't think there's an option like there is in TestComplete to email reports after a run - see [here].

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    armygrad, there is no out-of-the-box function to send a report via email in ReadyAPI now. SendMail steps, besides it has its own issues, is not helpful here, as it is just a test step.


    You can make a custom Groovy script to send the report. I have done this for some customers and prefer using SendGrid API (or similar HTTP API) to avoid issues with SMTP, security, ports, etc.


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    I have come up with a work around by creating a batch file and copying the required report to a network share.