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6 years ago

Develop a Script [part V] – Win in API Summer!

Hi all,


It’s time for another portion of additional tasks for our API Summer 2018. Create scripts based on the tasks below and get two points to your score.


  • Operating with REST Interfaces and Requests

Create a script which posts REST Interfaces structures of a current project to a text file. Under each method, list names of functional REST Request Test Steps for this method. The format of the file is arbitrary (whatever looks more reasonable and readable for you). Example:

  • Groovy DataSource

Create a script for Groovy DataSource, which generates the JSON payload of the following format, where, in each iteration, one element has a string value (read from an Excel file and the others are "null":

First iteration


"x1": "val1",

"x2": null,

"x3": null,

"x4": null,

"x5": null

Second iteration


"x1": null,

"x2": "val2",

"x3": null,

"x4": null,

"x5": null




Share with us your scripts or create your own how-to's. Just don’t forget to create new topics for this.

I hope you enjoy API Summer 2018!