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6 years ago

Develop a Script [part IV] – Win in API Summer!

Hi Community,


I’ve got good news for you today!


As you know, we are in the middle of our API Summer 2018 event, where ReadyAPI Community members strive to win every week by giving the biggest number of replies and creating the biggest number of new topics.


And, I am here today to announce that, starting from today, we are going to monitor contents of each new topic. And, if it contains useful instructions, tips, scripts, or interesting use cases, we will put a TechCorner label on it. Every topic with this label will give you two points in the API Summer challenge! Isn’t this awesome?


We have also prepared new ideas for your new topics, so, you can get additional points if you share your own scripts based on the tasks below:


  • Operating with TestCase properties

Create a script which updates values of the selected options in all TestCases within the current TestSuite. All the options from the Basic tab should be available for modification ( - it's up to the script user which ones to comment/uncomment before running the script.


  • Groovy DataSource

Create a script for Groovy DataSource, which generates values X00001, X00002, ... X99998, X99999


These are going to have the TechCorner label for sure! :smileywink:


See you tomorrow for preliminary results!


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