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2 years ago

Data Source Loop skipping rows in Data Source

Hi there,


Apologies if this post is vague, I am essentially a beginner user of ReadyAPI and most of what I know (which is not a lot) is stuff I have gleaned from the forums.


I have set up a project in ReadyAPI using a csv file as my data source. For some reason, the Data Source Loop is skipping certain rows (please see screenshot attached) and I have been unable to figure out why. If I manually run the data source step all rows appear in the data log. I have run a groovy script that counts the rows in the source which also returns the correct row count.


I have attempted to add an assertion in that validates whether a unique identifier in my data source matches what is pulled through into my JSON request but this passes every time as the data source loop skips the row before it gets to this step.


Has anyone encountered this before or have any suggestions as to what may be causing this?



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    That view doesn't look familiar.  Can you share a screenshot of the Test Case?  That way we can see the order of the steps and how the loop is tied in with the data source and overall test flow.  For example, you have a Datasource loop before the data source, which doesn't look right.