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2 years ago

Cannot invoke "com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.tags.Tag.toString()" because the return value of "java.u


My current project with ReadyAPI version #3.3.0 works fine in Maven (Jenkins) but not when we upgraded the version to the latest #3.41.0. It returns the following error.

Cannot invoke "com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.tags.Tag.toString()" because the return value of "java.util.Map.get(Object)" is null

 Did anyone face a similar issue? Can someone please throw some light on this?

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  • Did you ever figure out what the issue was that was causing this error?

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      jjwrightI encountered this issue and here is how I was able to solve it.

      It appears some tags that no longer existed in settings.xml made it into several test case xml files during a PR merge.

      To find the offending suite (it ended up being 3 Test Suites in our project with bad tags) I would right click on each Test Suite and select 'Launch TestRunner'

      If TestRunner failed to launch and the error displayed in the ReadyAPI Log, I would:

      1. export the Test Suite 
      2. Save the Project
      3. Re-import the Test Suite
      4. Add the correct Tags to each Test Case
      5. Save the Project
      6. Right click on the Test Suite and launch Test Runner.  The error should no longer display.
      7. Repeat as necessary. 


      Hopefully this helps and if so, please mark as the solution.  Thanks!