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9 years ago

api key & google maps

Using Ready API! and have a call to Google distancematrix (Google Maps).  Call is working but I have exceeded quota and must add an API Key to the URL.  I can do this in a browser but do not see how to add this request property to my URL.  I have added the key in custom properties at the method and project levels but do not see how to bring this into the Google call.  Other calls seem to be more flexible but I don't have a way to add a property in this Google world.  Maybe this can be done by authentication of some kind?  Maybe there is a way to add a request property that I do not see?  Anyone else seen this problem?




  • I found a solution to the Google Maps authentication thanks to the SOAPUI Cookbook (kudos to you Rupert).  The issue I was having was that I was using the template Google Maps REST call that I got as a packaged download.  It was a great introduction to Google; however, as a package, it did not allow for additional fields to be added. 


    To solve the problem, I created a new REST call using the APIs that were part of the download package.  With the newly created REST call, it was easy to add the necessary additional fields including one for "key".   Hope this helps someone else who downloads the Google Maps API package and hits a wall with authentication.



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      Yes I have seen this, thank you, it's a great piece.  However, the response field is a bit different than the one in the example and that's where I'm stuck.  I don't see a way to add a custom property that includes the key as this tutorial (#7) shows.  It's like "a miracle occurs" in step 3 of part 7. 


      I do believe that I'm doing something dumb.  That's usually the case-I am very experienced in dumb things.  You can see what I get in the response field (nothing that can be added there) and that I have exceeded quota.  I've got a license key from Google and I can use it properly in a browser URL...I just can't find a way to shove that key into the end of the REST call. 


      Thanks again,


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        The message in the response is clear.

        Looks like you are using googlemap api freely which might have some day limit(the number of requests that it can accept) for each api key. So, try the nextday and see.