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3 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet the ReadyAPI Customer Adoption Engineer - Oleg Kodysh

Hello Community,


A long-waiting Inside ReadyAPI video interview is here! This time, we are happy to introduce the Solutions team to all of you. Oleg Kodysh helps us understand what the team is doing and how you can get the benefits from it. In the interview, you can find a list of learning materials Oleg suggests to review if you start using ReadyAPI or want to improve your skills. 

Watch the interview and leave your questions to Oleg




Oleg Kodysh - Customer Adoption Engineer, ReadyAPI


Quick links:

00:00​ Introduction

01:14​ Background

02:06 Daily duties of an Adoption Engineer

02:56​ The most rewarding part of the work

04:10 The most interesting customer interactions

06:08 The best of ReadyAPI

08:42 List of getting started materials

10:53 Thank you


I hope you found this video informative! Feel free to post your questions under this post, in case you have any. You can watch more videos with the ReadyAPI Team on this page.

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