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November 2021 | ReadyAPI Community News

Greetings Community,


Welcome to the November issue of ReadyAPI Community News. Last month, there were many great conversations on the Questions board and several new technical articles. We like seeing you post content to this new resource!


Top Community Contributors

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the ReadyAPI Community last month. Please join me in congratulating the most active community members who earned the biggest number of kudos:



I encourage all of you to post questions, replies, and technical articles in the Community. All of this activity is valuable! Also, I'd like to remind you that you can become a Q4 Community leader – you just need to post and earn Kudos. Read the 3 Simple Steps to Become a ReadyAPI Community Leader article to learn more.



Inside ReadyAPI - Solutions Team

Meet a hero of the ReadyAPI Team – Oleg Kodysh, Customer Adoption Engineer. Oleg helps new users get started with the product and makes sure they're happy when they use ReadyAPI. In the interview, you'll learn more about Oleg, his life, and his most interesting work duties. Plus, you can grab a list of great education resources he recommends for all new users.


>> Watch the interview with the ReadyAPI Solutions team 


Find more Inside ReadyAPI interviews. Look under the ReadyAPITeam label.


Product Updates

Meet Ready 3.10.1! This is a minor release with some bug fixes and several improvements: 

  • New Java virtual machine option
  • Dark UI theme updates
  • and more

Read the What's New In ReadyAPI article to learn about these and other upgrades.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).


Community Industry Awards

We were nominated to Community Industry Awards 2022 in the User Group Program category! This is a huge honor for us. Thanks for all your nice words about the SmartBear Community - they were heard!

Now, we need your support - vote for the SmartBear Community to help us win in this category. If you want to vote, open the page below, expand the User Group Program item, select SmartBear, type your name and click Submit. Thanks a lot for your help!




New Technical Articles

Last month, you added several great technical articles that will help many community members. Here are the most popular: 



Most Discussed Topics 

Worried you missed something? We’ve got you covered with the most popular topics of October. If you have anything to add, just jump into the conversation:


That’s all for a month! Got a question? Have a comment? Please feel free to let us know!


/SmartBear Community Team

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