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July 2021 | ReadyAPI Community News

Hello Community!

Welcome to the July TestComplete News. July is a great month – it’s time to sum up the quarter results and think about great stuff to do in the second part of the year! In this monthly digest, we’re happy to announce new quarterly community leaders, introduce the ReadyAPI Marketing team, share new product features, and much more. Let’s start.



As usual, each quarter begins with choosing new community leaders – members who contributed the most to the community within the quarter by giving replies and getting kudos. Please meet the new Q2 2021 Community Leaders:

Leaders in the ReadyAPI and SoapUI OS communities:



Leaders in the TestComplete community: @Marsha_R, @AlexKaras


First-time leader in the Zephyr Scale community: @MisterB


Congratulations, gang! You ROCK! In addition to respect of the entire SmartBear Community, we’re happy to reward you with a $50 gift card. Want to be a leader next quarter? Read the 3 Simple Steps to Become a ReadyAPI Community Leader to learn how to earn this community status.



INSIDE READYAPI - Marketing Team

Each month, we introduce ReadyAPI team members to our lovely customers so you can learn much more about us and the thought process behind the tool. This month, we’re talking with Phil Voulgaris, the ReadyAPI Marketing Lead. Watch the new interview to learn more about Phil and how the team works. If you have any questions to Phil, please post them in comments.


>> Watch the interview with Phil Voulgaris


Find more Inside ReadyAPI interviews, look under the ReadyAPITeam tag.




Get the new ReadyAPI version – 3.9 – to access these new great features:

  • REST support in the API Connection test step
  • Smart Assertion
  • And others

Read the What's New In ReadyAPI article to learn about these and other upgrades.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).



We recently made some major upgrades to the SmartBear Academy – this is a great, free learning resource where you can learn the products and improve your knowledge. Enroll in any courses you like, learn something new, and return to the SmartBear Community to share your new knowledge! You can even earn some more Kudos!


Enroll in the ReadyAPI courses in the SmartBear Academy






Last month, there were so many great discussions. Here are only a few of them – but if anything piques your curiosity, please add your comments:


That’s all for a month! Got a question? Have a comment? Please feel free to let us know!


/SmartBear Community Team

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