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13 years ago

Feature Requests

The following enhancements would be great to have in ALMComplete:

1) The To, CC and BCC E-mail fields in Defects tab should allow one to select a contact from those added in the contacts manager tab. This will allow a manager to assign and notify about a defect/issue to his direct and inform others as needed.

2) Option to copy security rights of a specific group to another group in the setup tab. This will help setup security for multiple groups quickly.

3) Option to view the password characters in the Edit User option of the security setup for users.

4) Option to use arrow keys to navigate (up/down) in the hierarchical view of project plans.

5) Option to open and close the entire tree hierarchical view of project plans with a single button/click.

6) A single "Submit all changes" button for saving all choice lists changes. 

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  • Hi Shailesh -

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll pass them along as enhancement requests.

    One thing, though - about that password question - passwords will remain encoded for security reasons, we don't want them in plain text on the screen.

    We appreciate your input!
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    Hi Barbara,

    Displaying the password letters would be helpful for the security administrator while setting up new users on the system or resetting a lost password. This feature would help the admin make certain that the password was typed correctly, especially in cases where the "User(s) must change password at next login" is not selected. This kind of work is done by the admin in their personal workspace and hence the issue of security lapse does not arise.



  • I'd like to request another feature - to be able to filter each column (dropdown filter as in Excel). At the moment it is only possible to sort a column by ascending or descending order.

    Having a dropdown filter on each column would make it much faster for me to pull up the information I need, without having to manually create filters.

  • Hi Yeen -

    I can submit a feature request for you. I can't make any promises, but at least I can get it out there.

    Thanks for your input, we appreciate it!