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13 years ago

Feature Request: Configurable Collapse on Branded Banner

The branded banner with the "SmartBear" and "ALMComplete" logo's take up too much of the usable screen space. On my monitor the banner consumes over 1" vertical space. It would be great if paying customers could collapse the banner or configure it to collapse so that the screen real estate could be used for content .

I don't begrudge the need to brand the tool (particularly trials), but hey we already bought the tool so seeing the SmartBear logo is not as important to me as seeing an extra couple of rows of data in a listing screen.


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  • Hi Randy,

    I'll pass along your suggestion. Thanks for the input, we appreciate it!
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      Has this request been looked into? We too have purchased the product and would like to reduce the size of the banner at the top of the screen. Likewise, we have added our own company banner so that it appears in the bottom left, but there is too much wasted blank space around it. How can we configure these areas?

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        Hi GrumpyGit,


        We have recently released the new Feature Requests forum where our customers could post a feature improvements or vote for the ideas they like. Could you please submit the feature request regarding this thread? Other community member could vote for it. Our PO is reviewing this forum on a regular basis. Thus, she could consider implementing the features with the majority of votes.


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