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8 years ago

Configuration Error When Configuring HermesJMS (in SOAPUI) For Tibco EMS


I am trying to configure a HermesJMS session on SOAPUI 5.3.0. When I try to discover quesues and topic from the provider I get errors.


I am configuring the message for a TIBCO EMS 6.3.4

my serverURL = Valid IPAddress

username = Valid

password = Valid
I have added all the approriate JAR files required and configured connection factory "com,tibco.tibjms.TibjmsConnectionFactory"

Loader " INT_EMSGroup" with property serverURL and Value tcp://ipaddress:7222 and connection with a valid username and password .
However, when I try to discover my session i get an error "java.lang.NoClassdefFoundError".

Attached are screen shots

Please any help will be desired





    Attached is the hermes classpath groups


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    please show what jar files have been added to classpath?
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      Attached screen shot of the classpath

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        Requested you the classpath in the context of Hermes Configuration.