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13 years ago

Using update-changelist trigger with Perforce


I am trying to append Perforce description with the corresponding review ID using the update-changelist trigger..

Review1 change-submit //depot/... "/ %changelist% %user% %client%" has the following lines:

#! /bin/sh



/usr/bin/ccollab --url --user admin --password admin --scm perforce --p4port --p4user $user --p4passwd <password> --p4client $client admin trigger update-changelist --description-prefix 'Review: ' --description-template 'ID ${} by ${review.participants.rolename}' $change

The values for changelist, client and user can be passed as given above.. But, Perforce doesn't allow passing of the triggering user's password to the script like the ones mentioned before.. How do I retrieve the triggering user's password?
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