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Upcoming Webinar: Adapt to Remote Working with Collaborator Peer Reviews

Upcoming Webinar: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay on Target – Adapt to Remote Working with Collaborator Peer Reviews

Thursday, May 28th at 10AM IST and 2PM ET

Few organizations are untouched by the recent global events of COVID-19 and are scrambling to reshape the way they accomplish their business goals. Teams, including ours at SmartBear, are now forced into remotely performing activities like building requirements documentation, planning project development cycles, and orchestrating basic day-to-day operations. Social distancing requires us to sequester ourselves in the isolation of home offices, and while the resulting isolation is challenging our ability to collaborate on software and document releases, it certainly doesn’t allow us to stop.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how SmartBear’s Collaborator platform easily facilitates remote peer review for distributed development teams. We’ll look at how Collaborator can be effortlessly added to any development workflow process so your teams can continue to communicate effectively through peer review, meet milestones in a timely fashion, and release to your customers without a glitch.

Highlights include:

  • How Collaborator empowers continued quality with a distributed workforce
  • Near real-time communications
  • Flexibility, with control, of the review process

Register now!

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