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14 years ago

Multiple Reviews on same set of files?

Hi newbie here.

I am using CC with Clearcase SCM. I have a large set of files to review (over one hundred) as part of a large merge. I have one view for the reference baseline and another view that has the merge changes. 

I would like to setup a set of reviews that focus on specific functional areas and inviting the proper set of participants to each review. However I would like to keep the updates in sync across reviews or some other way so that I do not have to do any post merging etc.

Is there anyway to do this?

This is my first usage of CC so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. J

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    There is a way to do this but it will require some set up on your part.  Break the files into manageable/logical sets of files to be reviewed, and for each set, create an input list for the "ccollab addversions" command (see addversions command for ClearCase for the syntax).

    The input lists should contains lines (one for each file) with the local filename in the merge view as the first argument, the keyword "local" without quotes as the second argument, and the baseline version number as the third argument.  Then from your merge view directory, run the "ccollab addversions new ..." command for each set of files.  This will create reviews comparing the merge changes to the predecessor changes in the baseline view.

    If you make changes to the merge files as rework in the reviews, you can rerun the same addversions commands as before (but specifying the individual review numbers instead of "new") to upload reworked files to the review(s).

    We are looking into supporting XML output from the ClearCase Merge Manager that should, in the future, simplify creating reviews from files that have changed between branches or views.

  • Thank you Eric. I will have to play with that but for now I may just have to work out some coordination within my team. Thanks again.
  • After re-reading your post I better understand and I think that is exactly what I want and it should be fairly easy to do. I am going to give it a try. Thanks. Jay