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8 years ago

How to use the new "continuous scrolling" view in Collaborator 10?

Collaborator v10 has this release note: 


Easier navigation in Diff Viewer. In earlier versions of the product, scrolling worked only within the current page of PDF and Word documents. To switch between pages, you had to use buttons at the bottom of Diff Viewer. Now, scrolling works throughout the entire document which makes navigation faster and easier a lot.


From what I can see, the scroll bar appears the same and works the same as before.  You still have Prev/Next buttons at the bottom of each page that works to advance to the next page.  How do you use the new scrolling?

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  • Hi,


    For me, in Collaborator 10.2.10200 the NEXT and PREV buttons are still there, but the pages are switched if I scroll the documents using mouse wheel or Page Up and Page Down keys. So, it looks like the new approach works while the old one is also available.