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13 years ago

Delegate a Review

I am part of a large organization (greater than 100 people) that spans different sites and we use Code Collaborator.  For one of our check in processes, there are default reviewers based on what particular directory or files are being touched.  We have the issue that when one of these default reviewers goes on vacation, if the author is a user at a different site, they do not know about this vacation.  The problem is that the author will create a review and the reviewer gets notified, but because they are on vacation, nothing will happen until the reviewer returns.  Is there any way, preferably automated, to solve this problem?  I am open to any ideas.  My thought is that when a reviewer knows they are going on vacation, they can have their reviews automatically go to someone else.  Is this possible with Code Collaborator?

Any and all thoughts are welcome!  Thank you.

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    There is no automated solution to your problem. Reviewers will need to be manually removed/replaced in situations like this, by anyone with permission. 

    If this is a feature you'd like to see added, you can add it and vote for it at our user voice forum: