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12 years ago

Could not verify connection to CodeCollaborator Server

After downloaded CodeCollaborator Client, I try to install it but i have problem at step connect to a  CodeCollaborator server with exception threw:

Could not verify connection to CodeCollaborator Server


I/O Error: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: I/O error while communicating with HTTP server:

Connection timed out: connect

please help me solve it, thank you very much!

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    Hi An Le,

    What version CodeCollaborator server are you trying to connect to?

    Are other clients having issues connecting to the server or is it just this client?

    Please try running the latest client (assuming your server is up to date as well) with Java v.6 and if your connection problem persists, please capture a client GUI debug log. 

    On the GUI client menu, select 'Help' then 'Capture Debugging Log'. This will open a Debugging Log window. With this window still open, please reproduce the issue. Once the error appears, click 'Save Log' and email the log to  Please reference case 66316 in the subject field.

    Also, it would also help to look at the server logs as well.

    Please send us all of the contents of these directories:

    <collab install dir>/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/*

    <collab install dir>/tomcat/logs/*



    Barb Swetman

    CodeCollaborator Support

    512.257.1569 9am-5pm (US Central), M-F
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    New Contributor
    I ran into this issue and somehow resolved it by removing JAVA JDK. 

    I had both the JDK and JRE installed. Removing the JDK allowed connection for me.