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11 years ago

Code Collaborator SOAP Api to check for a review status

Are there any examples for the SOAP Api to check for a review status? Any examples using C# code would be really useful.

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      The URL you provided is unfortunately invalid.


      Therefore, the question remains, how to check the status of a particular review using SOAP?


      Also, the getActionItems which I have found, only returns items for the person who is logging in. I need to check the status of any particular review based on the review ID.

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        The JSON API introduced in 9.x is frankly speaking far more complete than the SOAP API ever became, so I would highly recommend using it instead.  (The SOAP API will likely be officially deprecated and removed before long.)  Introductory information is here: (Note that the forum code apparently appends an "&ga=..." automatically that I can't edit out; this confuses the manual display, hence why this and Greg's reply appear to be invalid.  If you manually chop that off of the URL it should work. In any case if you go to "External Integrations" in the left nav, and then "Web Services" at the bottom of the resulting page, you'll get to the sections that Greg and I were referencing.)


        To get the status of an individual review, use the ReviewService.findReviewById method, which as part of the return structure includes the phase of the review.  (From the review id you could also call things like getParticipants to get the people/groups assigned to a review and their roles, getVersions to get all the review material information for things associated with the review, etc.)


        example request:

        [{"command" : "SessionService.authenticate",
        "args" : {"login" : "mjackson", "ticket" : "eb51e4aa9d8aa59fffa467473586e1cd"}
        {"command": "ReviewService.findReviewById",
        "args": { "reviewId": 12345 }


        example response: (the empty first result may be ignored; it is the authenticate call not returning failure)

        [{ "result" : {} },

        { "result" : { "reviewId" : 12345, "templateName" : "Default Collab Template", "groupGuid" : "16880774f597623bce07241d10c1f4fc", "accessPolicy" : "ANYONE", "reviewPhase" : "INSPECTING", "displayText" : "Review #12345: \"COLLAB-123 fix the thing\"", "customFields" : [ { "name" : "Overview", "value" : [ "" ] } ], "lastActivity" : "2015-07-23T14:13:05-05:00", "creationDate" : "2015-06-26T13:34:08-05:00", "title" : "COLLAB-123 fix the thing"}}]


        (See the "reviewPhase" attribute above for review status/phase.)