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12 years ago

Can someone explain addsvndiffs?

Here's the addsvndiffs examples in the help files:

ccollab addsvndiffs 698 -r 2:16

ccollab addsvndiffs new -r PREV http://my.svn.server/svn/repo

ccollab addsvndiffs 698 -c 10534 src/java

ccollab addsvndiffs new OLDURL[@OLDREV] NEWURL[@NEWREV]

Can someone please explain the -r and -c options?  They are not described in the help files.

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  • Hello, this is Greg from CodeCollaborator Support.

    Addsvndiffs is in the format:

    ccollab addsvndiffs <review number> <args>

    Everything in the <args> field is passed directly to svn diff as args there.  So -r is "revision" in svn diff and -c is "change" in svn diff.