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5 years ago

Need help on setting robot framework android project in bit bar

Hi Community, I want to integrate my Android project written in robot framework on Bitbar. I found one supporting article
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    5 years ago

    Hey Arjunrv0,

    Glad to hear that you are trying out Robot Framework, a really nice way to execute tests!

    I can see that you already got it working, but hopefully this clear thing up!
    The role of  the shell script can be hard to understand as it is a file specificly to the Bitbar Cloud and Cloud side execution.

    Your zip package was missing this file (also needs to be named just istead of run-tests-ios / -android.) and therefore did not execute, this needs to be modified to start your test run in the same way you would start it locally. Essentially automating your start command for your test. This file also needs to be in the root of the zip, not inside a folder.

    I would recommend checking how our samples have the configured.

    Sample zip
          - libs

          - resources

          - tests-android
          - etc.

    Cloud side (link), which is used when you want to scale up your testing and start running fast parallel runs. Here you offload all the execution to the cloud, by uploading the test suite with all its components in a zip file. As well as the application. This is then executed in the cloud against as many devices as you would wish at the same time. This requires you to create a zip, with one additional file ( for our cloud to understand how to start the test run. As tests can be started in many different ways.Otherwise the tests / project are the same as locally just zipped in a neat package.

    The Bitbar documentation contains a wealth of information about the test execution.

    Here is a link to our RF sample, feel free to even use this as a base for your test.


    If you have any more specific questions, please reach out!
    Kind Regards,