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2 years ago

Unable to access Zephyr Squad Cloud API

Hi Team,

I am unable to access any API from browser directly after logging into JIRA CLOUD.

I want to access an API which gives me list of all executions and details absed on Jira issue key where issuetype is TEST. I have been able to achieve this via Zephyr Squad Server API but no luck from Cloud version of Zephyr Squad.


<jira cloud url>/connect/public/rest/api/1.0/serverinfo --- Used this on browser and am getting wrong url error


In case of Zephyr Squad Server, I used this and was able to get what was required:
<jira server url>/rest/zapi/latest/traceability/executionsByTest?testIdOrKey=84016


Please let me know the Cloud equivalent of above url for Squad. I tried referring to API docs but it is not helpful.


Thank you

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