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4 years ago

regression tests in the product backlog

I've watched some vidoes, searched through the community forums and looked through documentation. But can't find the answer. It may very well be there, but I haven't found it yet. 


We installed Zephyr Squad and now have the ability to create Product Backlog Items (PBIs) of type test. This is great! Since this is an issue type in Jira, tests now appear in the Product Backlog. I have two questions, one about a feature test to test a PBI and one around regression testing.


Regression testing question.

As my regression test scripts grow, I have no interest in them clogging up my Product backlog. I can filter ALL test issue types out, but that means I wouldn't see any my feature tests either. Which I could live with. When I go into the Tests, there doesn't seem to be one view were I can see all my tests. I can only see them based on whether or not they are scheduled. Is there a Zephyr view or do I just have to build a filter with JQL? A view in Zephyr would be nice so I could drag and drop into (multiple) release versions.


Feature testing

We break down our feature stories/PBIs into sub-tasks in sprint planning so we can see the work needed. The test type Zephyr creates is not a subtask, which means I can't see it associated with the feature/PBI on the scrum board. Is there a way to create another test issue type of subtask so I can associate the feature/PBI test with PBIs in each sprint?


Appreciate the help.



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