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3 years ago

Zephyr Scale - Reporting

Hello all,

I am able to create generate reports in JIRA using Zephyr Scale Reports.  I am stuck with there is no option to save my reports for future viewing. The HTML URL is quite long for reports.  No option to save reports.


How do I save reports in Zephyr scale.






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    Hi Karthik,


    The only way I know of currently is to save the URLs and then shorten the URLs using something like bitly ( ).  Other alternatives would be to connect a reporting tool like Power BI to the Zephyr API and automate reports from there (I've not had the time to try this yet but it's what I'd do if I did have time) so for now, I use a combination of URL links and data exports into Excel to produce reports.


    Almost forgot, there is also the dashboard option which might suit your needs as I see some donut graphs in your report.  Those you can save into a dashboard (or many dashboards) and publish them to your audience.  They can be very useful.


    Hope that helps.