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3 years ago

Test Case filters with custom fields are not consistent throughout Zepryy Scale

When filtering test cases with custom fields, I see my test case on the test case page. However, when using the same filter when adding a test case to test cycle I do not get the same results. The fields in the image below are all checkbox custom fields. ATC-T84.



Test Case Page



Test Cycle page (selecting test cases)



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    Hi jhilts ,


    I encountered a similar bug a while back (Sep. 2020). Filtering for a custom field in combination with the text search did not work. Seems like your problem is along those same lines, just the combination of multiple custom fields in the filter.


    I raised a support ticket with SmartBear back then and they acknowledged it to be a bug. But as far as I know, it has not been fixed yet.


    Maybe you could raise a ticket for this as well and they'll fix it.