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4 years ago

How to populate the Zephyr Scale datasets with an external source file, e.g. excel sheet?

I'm using Zephyr Scale in JIRA to design test cases for a very large and complex financial application.

I utilized the datasets to achieve a data-driven design. However, the datasets I need involve nearly 100 column names and 100 rows. It's impossible to enter them manually inside the JIRA tool. Does anymore know how to import the test data from an external source, e.g. excel sheet to populate the Zephyr datasets? Thank you!

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  • Hey LG ,


    Are you on Jira Server or Jira Cloud? I believe on Jira Server it would be possible to insert these options directly in the database as a workaround. I'm not sure for Cloud though....

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      Thank you for the response. I've got this "" in my JIRA URL, so I assume I'm on JIRA Cloud? 

      • Yes, that's Cloud indeed.


        I'm afraid there's no official way of doing this. You could open an idea on the ideas portal and see if your idea will get traction:


        Other than that, one non-official way of doing this would be to inspect the requests made when you add options to a data set via the UI and try to replicate them with different values.